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Earth Essentials

Think of a lush green garden with flowers blooming all around. The secret of this beauty lies just below your feet, i.e., in your garden soil.

Soil is a home to millions of minute but important microbes, nutrients, organic matter and many other essential elements that form the basis of healthy and flourishing gardens. The soil acts as a kitchen for nutrients needed by plants. Microbes present in the soil act on complex organic matter in the form of dead, decaying remains of plants and animals, breaking it down into simpler nutrients, which can be easily taken up by plants.

This whole process is better understood when you imagine the soil as a "kitchen". The tiny microbes are "cooks", soil organic matter and fertilizers act as "groceries" and enzymes used in microbial actions act as "spices". This soil restaurant prepares tasty dishes for plants, which promote their growth and development.

Earth Essentials is a premium range of organic plant nutrients focusing on soil health and plant nutrition. Formulated using the platform of Integrated Plant Nutrient Management, Earth Essentials offers a basket of plant nutrition and soil conditioning solutions that meet the gamut of nutritive needs from an initial booster dose for soil revival and conditioning, to long term, sustained nutrient release that keeps the plant healthy and blooming over a longer period of time.

Earth Essentials products combine the goodness of high quality, pure organic nutrients that deliver consistent and transformational results with advanced scientific research and knowledge to holistically address issues of poor soil and plant health, dry patches in lawns, and more, to make your garden the cynosure of all eyes, and the apple of yours.

What sets Earth Essentials apart from the multitude of inorganic and organic nutrient solutions available for you to choose from?

Earth Essentials products feed your Soil

A long-term, sustainable approach to plant health is not to focus on feeding plants but on feeding THE SOIL. This is because it is Organic Matter in soil that is the ultimate source of nutrients to the plants. Earth Essentials products are loaded with Organic Matter, which enters the soil and provides much needed fodder to beneficial microbes, which in turn break it down, converting it into plant ready nutrients.

Earth Essentials products bring together all the essential elements for soil and plant health

A complete combination of plant growth hormones, 16 essential macro and micro nutrients, organic carbon makes Earth Essentials a wholesome nutrient diet for plant and soil health. Thus your garden is ready with quick fix solution for past, present and future problems.

Earth Essentials products are made from the purest organic ingredients

Earth essentials raw materials are procured from high end sources which are completely managed and tested on scientific standards and specifications. Thus purest ingredients utilized in making of Earth Essentials delivers best of the best results.

Earth Essentials products are 100% organic and environment friendly

A complete range of earth-friendly and organic products without use of any toxic chemicals. This ensures protection of your garden from synthetic fertilizers and restore its fertility for longer duration.

Earth Essentials products bring about sustainable, long term improvement in soil and plant health

Earth Essentials created on IPNM platform with unique combination of ingredients based on scientific standards nurtures every inch of your garden soil and thus nourishing lush green spaces of your gardens.
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