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Success Stories
Fruitless lemon tree blossomed with lemons with application of Mr. Prontos and result displayed in just 20 days.
Mr. Prontos loaded a lemon tree with fruits which before was not able to produce fruits. Acting as a complete plant nutrition Mr. Prontos provides all essential nutrients and initiates fruiting in the plants.
A champa tree with yellowish dull leaves and no flowers has developed green leaves with lots of flowers with application of Mr. Prontos.
A tulsi plant blossomed with plentiful greener leaves after application of Guarden Angel.
After application of Guarden Angel a dull Sopata (chikoo) plant with no fruits and flowers ladened with fruits and greener leaves.
A dry brown patch of lawn when treated with Mr. Prontos gets covered completely with green grass at Kensville Golf Course in Ahmedabad.
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