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Guarden Angel

Guarden Angel -An Activated Premium Garden Nutrient.

Key ingredients of Guarden Angel include..

Organic Matter: Rich-quality, weed-free cow-dung sourced from scientifically managed dairies where cows are kept on balanced diet. Organic matter becomes raw material for microbes to prepare nutrients for plants and thus helps in improving soil properties and plant health.
Activated microbial consortia: Microbes in activated form which immediately start decomposing soil organic matter. This not only proliferates microbial colonies but also enhances nutritional efficiency of the soil. Increase in microbial population revives the basic soil properties.
Essential Nutrients: Required to fulfill immediate requirements of your garden which is starving for right nutrition.
Plant Growth Hormones: To catalyze all biological processes and metabolic activities during every phase of growth lifecycle.
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Available Size - 1 Kg.
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