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Mr.Prontos - An Advanced Pelleted Soil Booster and Conditioner.

Mr. Prontos contains:

Soil organic matter (SOM): Organic matter feeds microbes in your garden, which in turn mobilize soil nutrients, by converting them in the form which the plants can uptake. Microbial actions also balances soil pH, thus improving natural properties of the soil.
Activated Organic Carbon: It provides more space for bacteria to harbor and help them speeding up their actions. It also enhances water retention capacity of soil.
Consortia of microbes : Mr. Prontos contains consortia of microbes in cyst (dormant) form which gets activated as soon as it comes in contact with soil. Through their actions, they efficiently avail nutrients to the plants and help improve overall soil health.
Essential Nutrients : Mr. Prontos contains essential macro and micro nutrients.
Plant Growth Hormones: Right from sowing of seeds... to emerging of first leaf the first flower blossoming in your garden.. each and every stage is regulated by plant growth hormones. Mr. Prontos consists of various plants growth hormones to help plants attain growth at each stage of growth lifecycle.
The pelleted form of “Mr. Prontos” enables slow and sustained release of nutrients with easy application feature.
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Available Size - 1 Kg.
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