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Roman Chamomile Tea

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Our Roman Chamomile Tea

100% Organic Tea

 Roman Chamomile is a plant native to Europe, North America and Asia. The tea made from the flowers of this plant has a relaxing scent, which has earned it many medicinal uses over the years. Roman chamomile tea is used for a variety of things including helping with sleep and relaxation, treating colds and upset stomach as well as for numerous health benefits related to diabetes, osteoporosis, inflammation and pain. 

 It is commonly used as an herbal medicine, in particular for its supposed anti-inflammatory and relaxing qualities and mild sedative effects.


  • 100% Chamomile Flowers


 How to use?

 Boil water, turn off the heat add Chamomile flowers to this boiling water and keep aside for 2-3 mins, as per the desired flavor . Drain and enjoy your Chamomile tea.