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Rose Tea

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Our Damask Rose Tea

100% Organic Tea

Damask Rose tea is the perfect drink made from rose petals. A light floral taste that is fresh and sweet on the palette, this brew contains a high amount of antioxidants and a low level of caffeine to ensure you remain calm and collected. The rose petals give this brew a beautiful pink hue, making this tea ideal for any occasion. This is a great solution for all women who suffer from menstrual pain. Damask rose tea has anti-inflammatory effects and vitamin profile help to reduce dysmenorrhea, or menstrual pain, bloating, anxiety and mood swings. 

Damask Rose Tea also has a relaxing effect, it helps to lower stress levels and encourage sleep.



  • 100% Damask Rose Petals 


 How to use?

 Boil water, turn off the heat add Rose petals to this boiling water and keep aside for 2-3 mins, as per the desired flavor . Drain and enjoy your Rose tea.